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Did you know?

Sullivan pushed for tax-financed public schools in indiana in 1847 After his graduation from college, Algernon Sydney returned home to read law with his father, in preparation for following the same career. But in 1847, at the age of twenty, he took time off to get involved in public service. The year before, educational reformer […]

What’s the big idea

On a fall day a couple of years ago, a group of Brenau students found themselves on a long car ride to North Carolina with one of the university deans, Bill Lightfoot. En route to participating in the social entrepreneurship session with representatives from other colleges and universities in the Appalachian region, they brainstormed things they […]

Letter from the President

Welcome, readers and Sullivan Foundation supporters, to the second issue of Engage magazine. We’re especially grateful for the positive response and the constructive feedback we got on the first issue. We’ve made some changes and added some new features to make this one even more enjoyable than the first. Our first Social Change Challenge, concluded […]

Sullivan Flashback: Margaret Pickard Sirvis

When Margaret Pickard Sirvis recently visited Camp Graham of the Girl Scouts’ North Carolina Coastal Pines council, she met lots of young girls with whom she had something in common—they were all girl scouts. What set Sirvis apart, however, was the length of her commitment, which runs from her joining the organization in the mid-1930s […]

Did you know?

Mary Mildred Hammond Sullivan spent her life serving the poor Top: Mary Mildred Hammond Sullivan at the age of 19. Below: An artist’s rendition of the Nursery and Child’s Hospital. The hospital was located at the corner of 51st Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City Mary Mildred Hammond Sullivan, social activist and wife […]

Working for the weekend

Sullivan retreat weekends help students and facilitators find success in Service to Others After four years, the Sullivan Foundation’s  Service & Social Entrepreneurship Program’s retreat weekends have emerged as a signature event for the foundation. The idea for the program developed organically as the foundation became aware of the need to foster the development and […]

How to spell S-E-R-V-I-C-E

The career and passion of Sam Miglarese To say that Sam Miglarese has had a multifaceted career would be to put things mildly. He has studied in Italy and England, worked as a professor and a pastor in more places than can be counted on two hands, and served Duke University for 15 years as […]

To Africa (and maybe the moon)

Brin Enterkin changes lives in Uganda and looks forward to a lifetime of service Well before graduating from Berry College in 2012, Brin Enterkin had already made a positive impact on the world.  Teaching micro-finance during her summer break in Uganda in 2009 inspired her to help build a new micro-lending structure from the ground […]

A campus with a mission

Mary Baldwin students travel to Haiti to change their own lives as well as the lives of others Mary Baldwin College’s commitment to service-learning and global engagement is nothing new. An emphasis on serving others runs deep through the school’s history. In fact, Mary Baldwin is a Sullivan scholarship and award school and gave out […]

Letter from the President

Welcome, Sullivan Foundation supporters and alumni, to the third issue of Engage. In this issue, we take a look at more of the inspirational stories of our schools, students, and award winners. From a young man who lifted himself out of homelessness only to turn around and try to help others do the same, to […]