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Did You Know? – The Death of Algernon Sydney Sullivan

Before the Sullivan Foundation and New York Southern Society, Sullivan’s legacy was maintained by a group of his friends The modern Sullivan Foundation has many functions—running retreats and conferences, starting initiatives on member campuses, sponsoring faculty service projects—but the Foundation is still best known for the one thing it did when it all began. The […]

Knowing How We Live

Sullivan Faculty Fellow Pradip Malde uses art to inform and to transform his students and the world Pradip Malde is an artist, professor, and world traveler. His photography is held in collections at the Museum of the Art Institute in Chicago, Princeton University Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Yale University Museum, and […]

Sullivan Superstar

Berry College’s Elly Rusia takes advantage of all the Foundation has to offer and uses it to make a difference When recent Berry College graduate Elly Rusia thinks back on her experiences with the Sullivan Foundation, she has a little trouble remembering exactly how it all started. “It’s hard to pinpoint,” she says. “The whole […]