As a little girl, Camila Coelho loved playing dress-up with her mom’s cosmetics. Now, at 32, the social media influencer has launched her own line of beauty products, and she went to great effort to incorporate sustainability and responsible sourcing into her business plan.

Coelho, who has 8.8 million followers on Instagram and 4.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channels, recently unveiled Elaluz by Camila Coelho, a line of beauty products with key ingredients sourced from her native Brazil. (Coehlo has noted that “Elaluz” means “she is light” in Portuguese.)

“I’ve always loved beauty, ever since I was a little girl,” she recently told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (HBA). “Growing up, I have countless memories of myself playing with makeup when I was around four or five years old. When I was six, I asked my grandmother if I could wear her red lipstick for my passport photo. I actually still have that photo.”

After her family moved to Scranton, Penn. in the U.S., Coelho worked at a makeup counter in a department store as a teenager. Before long, she was creating beauty-focused vlogs on YouTube and building a powerhouse brand that evolved from her social-media presence.

Camila Coelho launched her new cosmetics brand, Elaluz, with sustainability, transparency and inclusivity in mind.

“At the time, [social media influencing] was super-new, and I didn’t know that this could become my job,” she said in the HBA interview. “It started out really organically and, in the past few years, I’ve had a successful career on social media by being able to work with all these brands. But my biggest dream has always been to create my own beauty line; it’s been on my mind for a long time. This isn’t something I decided to spontaneously do in the past few years.”

Coelho said she was “100 percent involved” in all aspects of creating the Elaluz brand, “from the packaging to the formulation.”

Sustainability “was super-important to me,” she noted. “I knew right from the start I wanted sustainable packaging for our products and our ingredients to be clean, but I also knew that it was going to be a challenge.”

She said most of Elaluz’s packaging is recyclable or made from reusable materials. “I wanted the packaging to look as luxurious as possible while also being sustainable,” she said. “We had to work a lot on it, but I’m happy we made it happen.”

“When it came to the ingredients, there was a ton of back-and-forth on it as I wanted the formulation to be clean, high-quality and long-lasting. We’re also using a lot of Brazilian ingredients within the products, ingredients derived from fruit and nuts, which was a big priority for me, as I come from Brazil.”

According to the Zoe Report, those ingredients include guarana, buriti fruit oil and cupuacu seed butter, all of which grown naturally in Brazil.

Coelho kicked off the new line with just two products, both available on the brand’s website: 24K Lip Therapy ($28) and Lip & Cheek Stain ($34). “I wanted Elaluz to be a luxury brand, but a mindful luxury brand,” Coelho told the Zoe Report. “A brand that would have inclusivity, sustainability and transparency as our main pillars. A brand that was mindful when it came to ingredients, packaging—everything.”

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