American Theatre magazine has named 2015 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award recipient Danielle Biggs, an alumnus of Elon University, as one of “Six Theatre Workers You Should Know” in a recent article spotlighting administrative and fundraising work.

The article was part of American Theatre’s “Role Call: People to Watch” series.

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Biggs, who currently lives in Woodbridge, N.J., is the membership manager of New York’s City’s Public Theater and will also pursue her master’s degree in education policy and leadership at American University in Washington, D.C., this fall. She graduated from Elon University with degrees in arts administration and dance performance and choreography.

Jared Fine, the Public Theater’s director of marketing, told American Theatre that he was struck “from the first moment meeting Danielle” by her “dedication, passion and care in developing meaningful relationships with audiences. It has been inspirational to see her innovate and deepen her work with our communities over this past year to continue to grow and engage with them.”

Biggs said she wants to create a “limitless world” for young Black children pursuing the arts and education.

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She recalled witnessing a performance of West African drumming and dancing at the Children’s Center of New York during Black History Month in 2020. She described “an auditorium full of students with similar hues of brown skin as mine, who looked limitless as they danced onstage.”

“I felt my fire to create a limitless world for them to burn stronger and brighter,” she added.

And the onset of the pandemic later that year did nothing to quench her fire. “I am the leader I have been waiting for, and I was made for this moment,” Biggs said in the interview.

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