The truth about single-use plastic and America’s recycling problem comes to light as Kevin Edwards of Real Leaders Magazine gets insights from Emma Rose, founder and CEO of FinalStraw in this exclusive interview. As a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, Rose and her company design and create Foreverables, described as “responsibly made, badass products.” The FinalStraw itself is a sleek, smartly designed, highly portable and totally reusable straw (available in a wide range of appealing colors) that comes in a small case you could easily attach to your keychain.

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In this far-ranging discussion of the zero-waste movement and the mission of FinalStraw, Rose explains why paper isn’t necessarily better than plastic, why recycling isn’t the be-all end-all solution to waste, and the problem of biodegradable plastics. “The problem is in single-use,” Rose explains. “Straws aren’t the problem, it’s the way we consume products and throw them away … What we’re trying to do is kind of retrain people to think not only about where does the product go when you throw it away but also what goes into making that product and how can we redesign things so that we’re not wasting all these materials and energy and fuel to make something that lasts 30 seconds and then we throw it away.”

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