Engage Magazine

Issue 12

Fall 2019

Scott Cook

Green Is the New Black at Rollins College

Here are 13 ways this Sullivan Foundation partner school teaches students to be good stewards of the planet.

An Eye for Beauty

Sullivan Field Trip attendees discover the power of creative placemaking to help local communities spur economic growth.

Born to Heal

Sullivan Award winner Bradley Firchow brightens the lives of hospice patients and sick kids in his volunteer work.

The Right Track

A record-setting pole vault star and 2019 Sullivan Award winner, Joey Jennings of Winthrop University plans to shed academic light on social injustice in his career.

Letter From the President - Sullivan Campuses, Study Abroad Edinburgh and More

The 2019-20 school year will be an eventful one for the Sullivan Foundation and its partner colleges and universities.

Moving Mountains

Bluefield College's Dr. Sharon Perot and her Appalachian Summit Center team are using social entrepreneurship to revitalize struggling communities.
this photo illustrates the Mannings' love for each other

Legal Eagles

Honoring the legacy of Algernon Sydney Sullivan is a way of life for New York attorneys Amanda and Jim Manning.