Ferrum College Professor Appointed to Episcopal Church Task Force on Environmental Issues

Dr. Delia Heck, an associate professor of environmental science at Sullivan Foundation partner school Ferrum College, has been appointed to the Episcopal Church Task Force on Care of Creation and Environmental Racism.

The role of the task force is to recommend appropriate changes in federal, state or local law so that effective judicial remedies can be obtained to address governmental decisions with respect to land use, industrial, energy and transportation development, and application of environmental standards. The task force will accomplish this goal by studying disproportionate health or environmental impact on those living closest to the land in subsistence cultures, ethnic minorities or poor communities.

The group is made up of approximately twenty people from across the Episcopal Church, which comprises the U.S., Taiwan, Haiti, Ecuador, Micronesia, Honduras, Columbia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

“This appointment allows Ferrum College to have a front row seat in discussions about how our faith calls us to respond to issues of environmental justice and creation care in the political, social and economic arenas at the local and national levels,” Dr. Heck said. “It demonstrates to our students that the journey begun with their Ferrum College education is not limited by our geography or size.  Rather, their passions and drive, combined with the opportunities and experiences provided here, empower them to achieve their life’s dreams.”

This appointment follows Dr. Heck’s five trips to Haiti, the first taking place in June 2017, where she assessed the energy, economic and social justice needs of the country.

About the photograph: Dr. Heck meets with members of St. Simon St. Jude in Duny, Haiti, about their need for solar energy and how they might use the energy if a solar energy system was to be installed at the school.  She was there with members of their videography team as well as members of the Haitian non-profit Voices & Actions, which works to help women in a neighboring village by raising chickens, goats, pigs, and tilapia to sell at wholesale price in order for the women to sell the livestock in the market at retail price. The difference in the prices allows them to earn money to support their families by paying for school fees, food, clothing, etc.

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