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The Sullivan Community mourns the loss of Clay Crouch

The Sullivan Foundation lost a long-time friend, a steadfast ally, and a (quite literal) member of its family. John Clayton Crouch, known to his friends as Clay, died on November 17, 2017, at his home on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. He was 61 years old.

Crouch was an actual descendant of Algernon Sydney Sullivan and served as a member of the Foundation’s board of trustees for more than a decade, from April 2007 until his death. A deft businessman, he had a long and successful career, primarily in the global food manufacturing industry. He worked in international business development with McKee Foods Corporation for the last 16 years of his life.

In addition to his business acumen, Crouch was blessed with a wide array of gifts and talents. He was a designer, gardener, builder, landscaper, impressionist artist, genealogist, pianist, sailor, equestrian, party planner and host, and storyteller.

In true Sullivan spirit, Crouch was also a devoted servant who trained his sights on the children of Haiti for his outreach work. He had an active role in the Outreach Haiti Committee which works to educate and improve the lives of children in the St. John the Evangelist School in Petit Harpon Haiti. His involvement included development work in Chattanooga and construction efforts on site in Haiti.

Crouch’s other service passion was his love for the Sullivan Foundation, whose mission he supported tirelessly.

“Clay was nothing but positive energy,” says Foundation president Steve McDavid. “He was enthusiastically supportive of everything we did. Obviously, as an actual descendant of Algernon Sydney Sullivan, his relationship to this organization was a special, very personal one. He will be sorely missed, but the many positive contributions he made to the Foundation will live on long after his passing.”

Crouch’s family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, friends of Clay Crouch make donations to either the Foundation or to the Outreach Haiti Committee.

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