Sullivan Ambassador Cole Dutton: Championing Youth and Improving Communities

This week, we are proud to announce that the Sullivan Foundation will be hosting the first of several social media takeovers by students on Sullivan campuses. These students will spend a week talking about the changemaking happening on their campuses and showing the work the Sullivan Foundation is doing at colleges across the Southeast.

The first of these social media takeovers will be led by Andrew Cole Dutton. Cole is the founder of the NAIL Initiative, a native of Big Stone Gap Virginia, and a full-time student at Berea College. Cole also serves as a student ambassador for the Sullivan Foundation at Berea College. He is highly motivated to improve the lives of hard-working Americans, and champion the efforts of intelligent youth looking for ways to improve their communities with new and innovative ideas.

Finding New Paths

Cole says the Sullivan Foundation has helped him find new, innovative approaches to changemaking.

“The most creative ideas stem from the most childish of places. I have seen more creative ideas come from a group of high-school students than I have from organized planning meetings. The Sullivan Foundation stimulates those kinds of creativity-generating moments and champions young leaders looking to make a change on multiple college campuses.”

Making Connections

Sullivan has also played a role in building a strong network of changemakers, Cole says. The Ignite Retreat, in particular, has helped him meet fellow service-minded people.

“The connections I made in Sullivan allowed me to further develop my own skills as an entrepreneur and teach others how they, too, can be successful entrepreneurs. The connections I made with the Ignite Retreat have been an invaluable asset in my personal development and have connected me with more resources than I can count. I’ve had video calls and conferences with the people I met during the Ignite Retreat and have interacted with even more changemakers since.”

Igniting Change

Cole recommends the Ignite Retreat, which focuses on helping young changemakers find their passion and a plan to change their world, to anyone on any career path. The retreat is open to all college students, and takes place twice a year in North Carolina.

“The Ignite Retreat acts as an excellent introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship for any student on any career path. The Sullivan Foundation entrepreneurship teachings are implementable in any number of fields and are thus more applicable to students every-day lives.”

Taking First Steps

Cole launched the Next Appalachian Innovation Leaders (NAIL) Initiative, a program that focuses on getting kids in the Big Stone Gap the tools and connections they need to build an innovative community. (Keep an eye out next week to learn more about this project.)

Cole says the information he gained through the Ignite Retreat and the Sullivan Foundation helped him on his way to start the NAIL Inititative.

“After working tirelessly to found and organize a non-profit on my own, I learned quickly that what I gained from Sullivan comes in handy.”

Follow the Social Media Takeover

Cole will be running the Sullivan Foundation social media next week. To keep up with the awesome work he’s doing, follow his social media takeover on the Sullivan Foundation Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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