Sullivan Alumni Spotlights

Sullivan alumni, including past Sullivan Award winners and Sullivan scholars, make a positive difference in their communities every day. Here’s the latest news about service-oriented leaders from across the Sullivan network of partner schools.

Lainie Sowell: Making Sure No College Student "Falls Off the Bridge"

“I like to be the person who does not do the changing for you or tell you what to do, but, rather, that person that can walk along with you and present choices," says the 2013 Sullivan Award recipient from Converse College.

Frederica McClary-Myers: Helping Jail Detainees With Mental Illnesses Start a New Life

As director of Fulton County Judicial Behavioral Health Services in Atlanta, McClary-Myers said she is "just a person that wants to help. That's my passion, and I feel like my purpose is to help."

How Sarah Scott Discovered That Special Education Was Her Calling in Life

"Relationships and community can be a salve for anything," says the Sullivan Award recipient, whose time at Converse College convinced her that she could lead social change by working with exceptional children.
this photo shows Robert O'Hara, a recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award from Coker University

Robert O'Hara: Creating an Inclusive Environment for College Students

When this 2010 Sullivan Award recipient heard that the Coker University provost wanted to talk to him about something, he started trying to "craft a defense" in case he was in trouble.
This photo shows Jared Belcher, currently a pastor at Arrowhead Church in Morristown, Tennessee, who received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award at Carson-Newman University in 2014.

Jared Belcher: Listen to Your "Enemies" to Better Understand Their Fears and Suffering

With a commitment to Asset Based Community Development, this 2014 Sullivan Award recipient and Arrowhead Church pastor wants to build a more empathetic culture to heal the country's divisions.
this photo shows a young man taking part in Special Olympics activities, a favorite cause of Sullivan Award recipient Angela Lewis

Angela Lewis: Always Take the Smallest Apple in the Pile

A 1983 Sullivan Award recipient at Alice Lloyd College, this special-needs teacher and Special Olympics volunteer tries to make sure no child gets picked last for a team on the playground.