Sullivan Alumni Spotlights

Sullivan alumni, including past Sullivan Award winners and Sullivan scholars, make a positive difference in their communities every day. Here’s the latest news about service-oriented leaders from across the Sullivan network of partner schools.

Joel Iwaskiewicz: A Life Dedicated to Pursuit of Systematic Change

As a fighter for the rights of disadvantaged communities, this Rhodes College graduate says his political activism “has energized and focused my service life.” 

Danielle Biggs: "Lean into Your Truest Self and Lead Out Loud!”

A passionate supporter of the arts, this Elon University graduate has coped with "fleeting bouts of imposter syndrome" on her way to becoming a "fierce female leader" and changemaker in her community.

Julie Copeland: Time Can Be Your Greatest Ally and Your Worst Enemy

This Wofford College alumnus and Sullivan Award recipient chose a career in HR because "human capital is an organization's greatest asset, and, hence, I wanted to have an influence and impact on people."

Police Psychologist Kimberly Miller Works Through Law Enforcement to Help the Underserved

Dr. Miller, a 1993 Auburn graduate and Sullivan Award winner, believes God put her on the planet to make it a better place.

Rafael Egues, Jr.: We're All Unique and Important Pieces of a Larger Puzzle

This Auburn alumnus and 1981 Sullivan Award winner cares deeply about mental health, substance abuse and the homeless, but he's most passionate about combating hopelessness.

Campbell University Grad Shelley Varner-Perez Focuses on Spiritual Care Outcomes for Patients

Shelley Varner-Perez, who holds a Master of Divinity degree, combined her interests in religion, community service and the humanities to become a spiritual care researcher.