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this photo illustrates the challenge faced by restaurants that want to reduce food waste

Study: How Restaurants Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Presently, less than 15 percent of restaurant food waste is collected for composting, and most of that is food scraps from the kitchen.
this photo depicts a leading entrepreneur in the field of bioplasticsWashington and Lee University

This Bioplastics Entrepreneur Is Helping Save the World from Plastic Waste

Founded by Washington and Lee University alumnus Julianna Keeling, Terravive creates bioplastic products that break down like plants.
this photo shows an attractive millennial who would be likely to host a sustainable holiday party

How to Throw a Zero-Waste Sustainable Holiday Party

Here are seven tips for celebrating the holiday season in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.
this photo shows a black soldier fly, which could be essential to sustainable farming and insect cultivation.

Is Insect Agriculture Key to the Future of Sustainable Farming?

Bug larvae, especially black soldier flies, could reduce the agriculture industry's dependence on soybeans for animal feed.
this photo illustrates the extent of the global plastic pollution crisisGreenpeace

The World's Top Plastic Polluters Say They Will Join Fight to Reduce Waste

Greenpeace identified Coca-Cola as the top contributor to the global plastic pollution crisis, with PepsiCo and Nestle close behind.