Environment and Climate

Protecting our planet is the most pressing issue facing humankind in the 21st century. The actions we take now—for clean air, energy and drinking water, sustainable food and managing our natural resources—will save lives and livelihoods today and for centuries to come. Here, we tell the stories of our partner institutions and individuals who are making a difference as champions of the earth.

Researchers Have Found a Better Way to Recycle Polyurethanes

An innovative method developed at the University of Minnesota recycles used polyurethanes into equivalent or even higher quality material.

Rollins College Teaches Sustainability Beyond the Classroom

This series of five linked courses delivers hands-on learning opportunities for students to apply classroom concepts to 21st-century environmental challenges in the real world.
photo of red bay coffee, a participant in the NextGen Cup pilot program

California Coffee Shops Test "Green" Cups as Solution to Single-Use Waste

The program, funded in part by McDonald's and Starbucks, involves reusable "smart" cups and to-go cups that can be recycled or home-composted.

Video: 10-Year-Old Ryan Hickman Leads Global Recycling Effort

After discovering a passion for recycling and protecting the environment at age 3, Ryan Hickman founded Ryan's Recycling Company and became a global ambassador for the cause.
this photo shows a group of collectors at a Plastic Bank collection centerPlastic Bank

The Plastic Bank Turns Plastic Waste into Currency for the Poor

Collectors make money or earn credit for essential services when they bring in plastic waste, which is then recycled for high-end Social Plastic products.
this photo shows a tiger, one of the many endangered species imperiled by the global extinction crisisSayantan Kundu

How to Solve the Global Extinction Crisis for Just $100 Billion

The Center for Biological Diversity proposes a U.S.-focused roadmap to help end the global extinction crisis and restore American leadership worldwide.