Environment and Climate

this photo shows various types of recycling bins used in zero-waste cities

Zero-Waste for Beginners: 15 No-Hassle Tips to Get You Started

From bamboo toothbrushes and glass jars to the wonders of baking soda, it's easier than you think to start living the zero-waste lifestyle.
this photo shows climate change activist Billie Eilish in her typical wardrobe

Billie Eilish Will Make New World Tour "As Green as Possible"

A teenage pop superstar, Billie Eilish will encourage fans to take action on climate change and practice sustainability during her world tour next March.
this photo shows one of the ways Penn State will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissionsPenn State University

Penn State Working to Dramatically Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of Strategic Plan

Penn State has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by half since 2004, NPR reports.
this photo illustrates the beauty and fragility of the rainforest and the need to meet the UN's sustainability goals

Rollins College Students Selected for UN's Prestigious Millennium Fellowship Program

The program empowers college students to advance the UN's sustainability goals on their campuses and in their communities.
this photo shows a LEED-certified building on the Berea campusBerea College

Berea College Leads Nation in On-Campus Sustainability Efforts

The tuition-free Kentucky college has long been known for its strong commitment to sustainability.
Carlton Ward Jr.

Protecting the Florida Everglades Has Become Tori Linder's Mission in Life

The Rollins College graduate works to promote environmental sustainability and wetlands preservation with Path of the Panther.