Poverty and Hunger

this photo shows a group of collectors at a Plastic Bank collection centerPlastic Bank

The Plastic Bank Turns Plastic Waste into Currency for the Poor

Collectors make money or earn credit for essential services when they bring in plastic waste, which is then recycled for high-end Social Plastic products.
this photo shows a seamstress with Empowerment PlanEmpowerment Plan

Empowerment Plan Employs the Homeless to Make Coats for the Homeless

To help the homeless during cold winter months, social entrepreneur Veronika Scott invented a high-tech coat that transforms into a sleeping bag and tote.
This photo shows Campbell University students taking part in the Collegiate Hunger Challenge

Campbell University Joins Collegiate Hunger Challenge to Combat Food Insecurity

Students Morgan Pajak and Alex Gooding will serve as MVP Student Hunger Ambassadors leading the campaign for Campbell.
this is a photo of Jasmine Crowe, a social entrepreneur who works to feed the hungryGoodr

This "DoGoodr" Uses Technology to Feed the Hungry and Reduce Food Waste

Jasmine Crowe's social enterprise is essentially a food waste management company that redirects surplus food to nonprofits that feed the hungry and the homeless.