Social Entrepreneurism and Innovation

this photo shows Bella Almeida spraypainting the Earthy Creations logo on a wall in Prague

Student Turns Trash into Stunning Sustainable Art

Bella Almeida of Duke University founded eARThy Creations after attending the Sullivan Foundation's summer study-abroad program in Prague.

5 Examples of Earned Revenue Strategies for Nonprofits

The concept of earned revenue is picking up steam in the world of nonprofits.
this photo shows an industrial hemp plant

Warren Wilson College Delves into Industrial Hemp Research

Industrial hemp's uses range from building materials, fabrics and paper to biofuels, animal feed, cosmetics, medicines, and bioplastics.

Crystal Dreisbach's GreenToGo Makes It Easier for Restaurants to Kick the Styrofoam Habit

Dreishbach, who will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Sullivan Ignite Retreat in October, developed a reusable carryout-food container service to reduce waste in Durham, N.C.
this photo shows what the Allbirds shoes look likeAllbirds

Will and Jaden Smith Partner With Footwear Brand to Save the Amazon Rainforest

Shoe manufacturer Allbirds and JUST Water, both certified B corps, have collaborated on limited-edition sneakers.

Sullivan Ambassador Lori Kaitlyn Babb Aims to Use Social Entrepreneurship and Bioethics to 'Change the World"

The Campbell University senior reflects on her Sullivan-sponsored study-abroad experience in Prague.