Sullivan Stars

Meet tomorrow’s changemakers, including Sullivan Award winners and Sullivan Scholars at our partner schools, and discover how they are placing service above self to help others in their communities and campuses and build a better world.

Hannah Roebuck, Sullivan Award Recipient at Clemson, Builds "More Just and Welcoming Places"

Roebuck, a double major in religious studies and political science, earned the Sullivan Award in part because of her unstinting commitment to helping refugees and immigrants who have come to the U.S. seeking a better life.

Clemson Sullivan Award Recipient Ronnie Clevenstine Uses Her Research to Combat Food Insecurity

Clevenstine, an economics major, wants to dedicate her career to combating the stigma of food insecurity and making sure everyone has access to food, housing and economic opportunity.

This Sullivan Award Recipient Has Helped Hundreds of Dreamers Get College Degrees

Dr. Michael Spalding founded Equal Chance for Education, a Nashville nonprofit that helps children of immigrants attend college in Tennessee. He says, "This, to me, is not a political thing. It's a moral thing."

Tejas Dinesh Earns Sullivan Award at the University of Alabama

Dinesh, a double major in history and environmental engineering, believes character is about small acts of bravery and planting seeds that may never blossom in his own lifetime but will help future generations.

UK Sullivan Award Recipients Serve Children, Immigrants and Others in Need

Riley Gaines, a record-holding swimmer and mentor to children, earned the award from the University of Kentucky along with Dean Farmer, a champion of youths with disabilities, and Jim Richardson, a volunteer for numerous children's charities.

"Joy Surrounds Her:" Andrea Stansberry Earns Student Sullivan Award at King University

Dr. David Stevens, meanwhile, received the community Sullivan Award for his work as director of World Medical Mission, which included leading teams that treated 43,000 Somalis in wartime and stemming an epidemic in a Sudan village.