More opportunities for our network…

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Tier 1:

Promotion Partner

Organizations whose events and opportunities are promoted to students in the Sullivan network

Tier 2:

Endowment Supported

Organizations who have been approved for Sullivan Scholars to apply financial aid towards on programming

Tier 3:

Foundation Supported

Organizations in which the Foundation has invested in to develop co-branded programming for Sullivan students

Tier 3


Watson University

Watson University is the world’s first degree-bearing incubator. If you are an aspiring social entrepreneur – there’s no better place to spend a semester than in Boulder at Watson. You’ll be surrounded by world-class coaches and spend all of your time refining your venture!

We are also in the process of tailoring the Watson model to spread to Sullivan institutions throughout our network to increase access to more students.

* Sullivan scholars eligible to receive financial support

Tier 2


Leadership Exchange

Leadership Exchange offers a wide range of experiences for college students interested in deepening their changemaking skills. From studying abroad in Rome and Prague to getting immersed in the innovation scene of Raleigh, you will be surrounded by like-minded leaders and qualify for academic credit simultaneously!

* Sullivan scholars eligible to receive financial support

Tier 1


3 Day Startup

3 Day Startup is a global organization that creates experiential learning opportunities for students who want to refine their entrepreneurial skills. In the course of 3 days you’ll learn how to form a team, develop creative ideas to pressing problems, and prototype and pitch your idea to your peers.


LEAP Summer

Run by Experience Institute, LEAP Summer is a 10-week, 12-credit program that offers hands-on apprenticeships and experiences to learn more about changemaking and your role as a leader. Based in Chicago, the program is an excellent opportunity to apprentice with the problems you care about.


Praxis Academy

Praxis offers programming and workshops for christian social entrepreneurs and changemakers. The Academy is a 5-day experience where students from around the world join together to explore how their faith intersects with entrepreneurship and culture-creating opportunities.



StartingBloc exists to help build a kinder world by moving leaders of change from high potential to high impact. Over the past 13 years, StartingBloc has curated and supported a Fellowship community that includes 2,500 leaders of change in 56 countries and hosts 5-day Institutes around the country.


Millennium Campus Network

MCN is a non-profit committed to talent development for the global development sector. Through an innovative year-long experience involving conferences and fellowships, they are training a new generation of global development leaders on university campuses across the globe.