Scholarship Opportunity for Sullivan Foundation Campuses

Furman University alumni have generously offered to fund up to 10 scholarships for students representing Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Campuses. The scholarships bring the cost of the program for scholarship students to only $1,750, whether they are commuters or residents. The actual cost to students would be $5,500 and $6,300 respectively. Additionally, Sullivan schools with Sullivan endowments may use endowment funds to further reduce expenses for their students.

“I spent this last weekend with faculty and staff representing numerous schools in the Sullivan network. It was an inspiration to be in a room full of entrepreneurial-minded campus leaders,” said Anthony Herrera, executive director of the Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Furman University. “I received several inquiries about the Summer Business and Entrepreneurship Boot Camp at Furman University and as a result, I reached out to a Furman donor who graciously offered to provide partial scholarships to students that attend Sullivan’s network of schools!”

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Registration for scholarship recipients is May 3. Sullivan school faculty that would like to nominate a student for the scholarship should contact Anthony Herrera at 864-294-2220, or send an e-mail expressing their interest to

About the Bootcamp
Furman’s new Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has collaborated with faculty from across disciplines to create a new summer program that will help students unlock their entrepreneurial spirit and discover their career potential as entrepreneurs.

Through a three-week intensive boot camp, students will master the foundations of business and fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Designed for non-business majors, the boot camp is taught by Furman faculty and business professionals that are leaders in their respective fields.

Upon successful completion of the boot camp, students will earn a non-credit certificate, demonstrating to potential employers and graduate programs that they understand the foundations of business, and will have confidence to launch an entrepreneurial or social venture.

The boot camp will be held on the campus of Furman University in Greenville, S.C., June 3-21. For three consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., students will cover academic topics including Accounting, Business Analytics, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing. Special topics will include Business Writing, Career Development, Ethics & Leadership, MS Excel, and Presentation Skills. All meals are provided.

For further information or to apply go to

About Furman University
Furman University is a private, coeducational liberal arts college in Greenville, South Carolina. Founded in 1826 and named for the clergyman Richard Furman, Furman University is the oldest private institution of higher learning in South Carolina. It became a secular university in 1992, while keeping Christo et Doctrinae (For Christ and Learning) as its motto.

It enrolls approximately 2,700 undergraduate students and 200 graduate students, representing 46 states and 53 foreign countries, on its 750-acre campus. Its alumni include a Nobel Prize laureate, U.S. Senators, and a head of government. As of 2017, six Rhodes Scholars, eighteen NSF Graduate Research Fellowships and Goldwater Scholarships, and twenty Truman Scholarships have been affiliated with Furman. Furman was also named a “Top Producer of Fulbright students for 2016-17”.

About the Sydney Sullivan Foundation
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation was founded in 1934, but its roots date back sixty years earlier when then President Grover Cleveland and a group of other influential persons created the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award to honor those that inspire a life of integrity and service. Sullivan Awards have been presented to people whose lives of service have changed the world with little fanfare as well as those who have become household names – recipients include First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, to name a few.

The Sullivan Foundation remains dedicated to alleviating socioeconomic issues in the American South. Today, the Foundation remains as strong as ever and is expanding the reach of the Sullivan spirit far beyond – investing in social entrepreneurship, which equips universities, students and community members with the tools necessary to apply business models to social issues.

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