Renowned for its ancient castles, murky lochs, windswept moors and, of course, its connection to HBO’s Game of Thrones, Scotland is also a buzzing hive of social entrepreneurship—and a natural destination for the Sullivan Foundation’s next study-abroad program, taking place June 4-July 4, 2020, in historic Edinburgh.

Applications for the Study Abroad in Scotland program must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2020. Selected candidates will be notified on Feb. 7, and a $500 deposit is due by Feb. 15.

The program is a partnership between the Sullivan Foundation and Philadelphia-based Arcadia University. Participating students will earn six academic credits that can be applied to their home universities.

this photo illustrates the stunning beauty of Scotland

Participants in the Sullivan Foundation’s Study Abroad in Scotland program will enjoy tours of the country and view breathtaking sites, including the Vennel in Edinburgh. (photo from

Students will have the opportunity to meet and learn from successful European social entrepreneurs through field trips across the country, perfect their leadership skills and develop unique initiatives that will strengthen the social ventures they encounter throughout the month.

They will also explore concepts critical to driving social impact and innovation, including:

  • Leadership in practice
  • Effective community engagement and assessment
  • Principles of social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Storytelling and communicating for change

Two courses will be offered during the program:

Course 1: Leadership by Design—This course provides a basic introduction to leadership, focusing on the practice of leadership and what it means to be a good leader. Students will also learn how to execute technical and conceptual skills in changing organizational, community, political, social and global settings.

Course 2: Social Change in Action—In this course, students will learn about the emerging field of social entrepreneurship and innovation and begin to develop their own capacities to innovate and implement impactful, sustainable and scalable solutions to social problems. Additionally, each student will develop an original blueprint for social innovation and change while working with local partners and enterprises. Participants also will learn how to use storytelling and communications techniques for presenting their plans to key stakeholders.

Students will live in co-ed shared flats at the University of Edinburgh during the month-long program. Classes will be held from 9 a.m.-12 noon Mondays through Thursdays.

To learn more about the Study Abroad in Scotland program or to apply, click here.

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