Televergence Joins Sullivan Foundation as Corporate Partner for Faculty/Staff Fellowship, Summit

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation recently welcomed telecommunications company Televergence as a corporate partner in its programming and events for emerging servant leaders at colleges and universities across the American South.

The Nashville-headquartered Televergence will provide support for the Sullivan Faculty/Staff Fellowship Program, a three-year fellowship for higher-education faculty and staff from across the Foundation’s network of partner schools, and the annual Sullivan Faculty/Staff Summit.

Each year the Sullivan Foundation selects eight faculty from across its network of schools to participate in the Faculty Fellowship. During this time, the faculty are mentored and supported by the Foundation and tasked with developing, in detail, a particular social innovation and entrepreneurship project they will incorporate into new or existing classes and community initiatives.

The Sullivan Foundation also hosts the annual Faculty/Staff Summit, a professional development opportunity that offers participants a deeper understanding of the social innovation and entrepreneurship community. Participants leave with useful tools and ideas that can be directly applied to their campuses and classrooms.

The most recent Faculty/Staff Summit, held in early April, was one of the largest in the foundation’s history, with more than 50 participants representing colleges and universities throughout the American South and beyond.

“Televergence is committed to supporting higher education in the southern U.S., and we particularly appreciate the Sullivan Foundation’s commitment to servant leadership and social entrepreneurship,” said Televergence CEO Deb Ward. “College and university faculty and staff are the backbone of our higher-education system. We are excited to sponsor their work and research in social innovation and entrepreneurship as Sullivan Fellows.”

Televergence is a 30-plus-year, nationwide telecommunications company that provides premium, all-calls-connect inbound toll-free and outbound long-distance service to companies with high call volumes and/or in house contact centers. Televergence’s wholesale purchasing power, with companies such as AT&T and Verizon, provides its customers, on average, with a 20% savings over AT&T and Verizon direct. The company’s average length of customer exceeds 15 years.

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