“So what are your plans after college?” It’s a question many seniors dread even if they know the answer. It feels like you’re being sized up by the person asking the question—it almost feels like a dare. “Answer correctly or be judged!”

In the Sullivan Foundation’s upcoming Skills-Based Sessions masterclass, facilitator Reagan Pugh and his team of coaches will help students learn to convey their personal stories in an effective and compelling way. Titled “How to Tell Your Story & Enlist Others in Your Cause,” the session takes place at 12 noon (ET), Wednesday, April 21. It’s free and open to the public.

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The truth is, giving the “right answer” to that question isn’t the problem. The problem has to do with what you believe about yourself and recognizing your skills and interests. If you have a better idea of who you are, what you care about and what you’re capable of, you can answer with confidence.

In the upcoming session, you’ll learn about the right mindsets you need to tell your story as well as strategies to reflect on your life and future path, all in order to communicate with clarity and confidence.

As co-founder of Assemble, Reagan Pugh has delivered workshops and keynote speeches on personal effectiveness and leadership development around the country. Prior to the launch of Assemble, he was chief storyteller for the innovation consulting firm, Kalypso, and guided initiatives on storytelling, culture and leadership development at companies like Nike, Pepsico and Kimberly Clark.

Pugh is a past workshop facilitator at the Sullivan Foundation’s Ignite Retreats and has designed leadership courses for Texas State University, Trinity University and Angelo State University.

Other coaches participating in the Skills-Based Sessions include Sam Vaghar of the Millennium Campus Network; Dustin Liu, the U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations; Jonathan Kibe, founder of the LOVE Project; Ben Zapchenk, a former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and English-as-a-Second Language instructor in Marrakech, Morrocco; fundraiser and marketer Danielle Biggs; human rights activist Ashley Madrigal; Brandi Jordan, founder of Remote Ramblers; Jordan Reeves, founder of VideoOut; Mentor Dida, a movement-building consultant to the UN; Megan Truman of City Year, D.C.; Marcela Fernandez, brand ambassador for Selina, one of the world’s top startups serving the digital nomad community; international consultant Sara Hoy; and Luz Cabrera of Young People For, a program of the People for the American Way Foundation.

Learn more about the Skills-Based Sessions coaches here.

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