This Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Has Another Secret: She’s Also a Social Entrepreneur

A supermodel’s work is never done, especially when she’s also a social entrepreneur like Leomie Anderson.

Anderson first earned fame for her smoldering beauty and the way she looks in lingerie, but she has parlayed that fame into a side career that blends high fashion with activism on women’s issues, according to

The 25-year-old British-born model booked her first catwalk show with Marc Jacobs when she was 17. Jobs for Tom Ford, Chloe, Yeezy and Fenty Puma followed, leading to one of the hottest gigs in the fashion world—modeling for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Anderson is also one of the faces for Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s makeup brand.

But with great fame comes great responsibility, Anderson believes. After building a following with her Youtube channel, “Cracked China Cup,” she became an in-demand public speaker, visiting schools and talking to young girls about the issues they face in their everyday lives.

“After attending a few speaking engagements,” writes Tommy Williams in Forbes, “it dawned on her that many of the women she encountered were asking questions for which answers ought to be readily available.”

To provide those answers, Anderson launched her blogging platform, LAPP (Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose), on which women and girls share their stories, exchange perspectives, and keep up on the latest topics, ranging from race relations and body image issues to pregnancy, patriarchal dominance and sex.

To fund the platform and continue generating high-quality content without charging for subscriptions or soliciting advertisements, Anderson created LAPP the Brand for which she developed a full line of fashionable and functional sports luxe wear. The company’s slogan, “Championing Women’s Issues Through Fashion,” reflect Anderson’s commitment to providing women and girls with a voice while encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.

Leomie Anderson uses her fashion brand to support her activism in support of women’s issues.

And her clothing line also reflects Anderson’s take-no-prisoners approach to defending women’s rights. When Rihanna wore the LAPP Brand’s “This P***y Grabs Back” sweatshirt at the Women’s March in New York last year, the world took notice. Vogue magazine singled the pop superstar out for sporting “the coolest protest look” at the event.

“This moment means a lot to me and the brand for so many reasons,” Anderson told Yahoo Style after the march. “The fact [Rihanna] chose to wear it to the iconic #womensmarch in NYC over anything else she had in her wardrobe is crazy. She is one of my biggest inspirations; she works hard, owns her sexuality and is genuinely so talented—everything that LAPP represents—and I hope that her supporting the brand will draw more women into the blog aspect as well as the clothes and [that they will] be interested in submitting a piece for LAPP.”

Once her modeling days are behind her, Anderson plans to stick with her LAPP mission. She told Forbes that she envisions a future for LAPP in which the brand will “have changed the lives of many women and given them access to much more information.”

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