The Sullivan Foundation’s upcoming Faculty Gathering will bring together university faculty and staff members to discuss innovative ways to address community problems through social entrepreneurship. The event, held in conjunction with the Foundation’s Fall 2019 Ignite Retreat, takes place Oct. 18-20 in Asheville, N.C.

The Faculty Gathering will provide know-how and networking opportunities in social entrepreneurship and social-entrepreneurship education to faculty from all over the southeast. Like the Sullivan Foundation’s spring Faculty Summit, the fall Faculty Gathering will offer workshops providing practical knowledge that faculty/staff members can take back to their campuses. Attendees will gain membership in a growing community of professional educators steeped in social entrepreneurship and related fields. Those new to the field will be introduced to some of the major approaches and ideas in social-entrepreneurship education, while both new and experienced participants will get the chance to engage in the event’s hands-on workshops. The workshops include:

Supporting Student Grant-Writing for Social Change: Sullivan has partnered with entrepreneurs from the Little Big Fund to teach participants about the tools and techniques required to support students needing to raise money for a project or social business venture. Faculty and staff will be instructed on how to review grant opportunities for students and explore ways to leverage non-monetary support for student projects. Participating faculty and staff also will be provided a list of potential funding sources for students and gain insight on how to write a grant proposal.

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Experiential Facilitation 101: Faculty Gathering participants will learn about some of the experiential learning tools Sullivan facilitators utilize when producing Sullivan Ignite Retreats. These retreats are designed to immerse students in a series of targeted workshops to assist them in “igniting” ideas for making positive change in their respective communities or developing a social business enterprise or event to solve or alleviate a problem.

Participants will also learn about projects from the latest cohort of Sullivan Faculty/Staff Fellows, including innovative classes and programs that are being developed under the mentorship of Sullivan Foundation staff.

Interested parties may purchase tickets until October 2. For more information about Sullivan’s programming, go to or call 662-236-6335. To register to attend the Faculty Gathering, go to  You may also e-mail questions regarding the events to

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