The Sullivan Foundation’s “Navigating the Unknown” webinar series features four leading social innovators this week—Jarren Small of Reading With a Rapper and Gabrielle Deculus of Business Rules for Women on Wednesday, April 15, and d’Arcy Lunn of A Spoonful of Change and Ronan “Chalky” Mac Domhnaill of Cred on Friday, April 17.

Hosted by Spud Marshall, the Sullivan Foundation’s director of student engagement, the webinars will be streamed on Instagram Live at 12 p.m. (ET), Wednesday, April 15, and 5 p.m. (ET) on Friday, April 17. Here’s more information about this week’s guests:

photo of Jarren Small, founder of Reading With a Rapper

Jarren Small

12 p.m. (ET) Wednesday, April 15
Jarren Small, Reading With a Rapper
Small is the cofounder of an innovative educational curriculum called Reading with a Rapper (RWAR), an interactive learning program that uses relatable, innovative tools and metrics to teach English Language Arts (ELA) skills to students in grades 4-12. RWAR helps students hone their reading and writing skills through a series of activities and exercises built around rap songs with socially conscious lyrics, video content and technology. Students learn how to relate real-world concepts expressed in rap music to literature and writing. As an added bonus, the kids get to meet and learn from up-and-coming hip-hop artists as well as established hitmakers like Meek Mill.

Gabrielle Deculus

Gabrielle Deculus, Business Rules for Women
With more than a decade of experience in nonprofit and for-profit branding, marketing, public relations, fundraising, development and social media engagement, Deculus founded Business Rules for Women, a burgeoning media platform for emerging entrepreneurs, in 2015. Business Rules for Women reaches over 1 million women each month through online content created for women in business. Deculus celebrated the company’s fifth anniversary this year with its first-ever virtual business conference held April 3-5. The conference’s panel discussions focused on a variety of topics, including building multiple revenue streams; monetizing social media; starting and scaling a business; the influence of women of color in business; and optimizing business systems processes and strategies.

d’Arcy Lunn

5 p.m. (ET), Friday, April 17
d’Arcy Lunn, Teaspoons of Change

A native of Australia, d’Arcy Lunn started his career as an educator teaching in a remote Aboriginal school in the country’s outback. He founded Teaspoons of Change to demonstrate that even small personal choices, decisions or actions can have a positive impact on people and the planet. He has given hundreds of presentations and workshops on the subject and worked on the ground in development with UNICEF in South Sudan, Uganda, Pakistan and other countries. His other projects include Happy, simply, a sustainable lifestyle model and education project and Polio Points, an award and reward system helping to end polio.

Ronan “Chalky” Mac Domhnaill

Ronan “Chalky” Mac Domhnaill, Cred
As founder and CEO of Cred Solutions and Cred Global, Domhnaill wants to inspire people around the world to make behavioral change stick and to take 3 billion actions by 2030 to support the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Cred offers a personal development app that breaks down high-level competencies into specific “action checklists” that can be repeated on a daily basis, allowing users to track their developmental progress. Cred Global’s live webinars feature discussions with changemakers like d’Arcy Lunn of Teaspoons of Change; Danielle Chiel, founder and CEO of Knit One Change One (KOCO); and Mick Hase, founder of seventeenX and Sip4Sip. Cred Global also offers the “I Am Still Learning” podcast and the Cred.15 series of 15-minute webinars that help social innovators start and end their days. Cred’s tribe are described as changemakers age 18-75, including founders, entrepreneurs and social impact activists and other leaders of change.

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