Service to the American South.

Since 1934, the Sullivan Foundation has been inspiring young people to lead lives of integrity through a commitment to placing community service above self-interest. Our approach to this mission has three components:

deserving students through college tuition and extracurricular scholarships,

Past Recipients

students & community members who exemplify that commitment, and

Past Recipients

students about changemaking, civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.

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Building a Network of Change.

Our foundation is built upon a network of partnerships with 70 schools in 11 states around the American South. While Sullivan schools come in many different shapes and sizes, most are smaller, liberal arts institutions with a proud Southern tradition. In any given year, more than 250,000 students attend the schools that make up the Sullivan family.

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From Service to Social Entrepreneurship.

Our work centers on a comprehensive theory of change designed to promote engagement at all levels – with individuals as well as with communities small and large. We encourage students and faculty to develop their capacities for service and we promote social entrepreneurship as a tool for addressing core societal issues. In short, we champion innovative approaches to solving social, economic, and environmental problems across a broad spectrum – from education reform to food deserts, microfinance to youth empowerment. That’s the Sullivan spirit.

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We’ve been at this for awhile.

Our history dates back to the 1850s, when Algernon Sydney Sullivan, a lawyer and Southern transplant living in New York City, made a name for himself by using his intelligence, wealth, and social status to help those who were less fortunate. After his death, the New York Southern Society – a social organization founded by Sullivan – sought to honor him in the only way that he would have found acceptable: by honoring others. Thus, the Sullivan award was born in 1890. The Sullivan Foundation was established in 1930 to ensure the continuity of that mission.

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