Nurturing our Ecosystem

To accelerate social innovation and entrepreneurship across our network of schools, we partner with universities to develop campus-wide engagement strategies. We hope to strengthen each campus’ social innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem – including students, faculty, administration and community.

Within our Funnel of Engagement, we start by identifying CAMPUS CATALYSTS and FACULTY FELLOWS who can serve as local catalysts for building out the culture on their campus. These individuals have been previously involved in other Sullivan programming to some degree and are interested in furthering their engagement. We then train, equip and support these individuals and connect them with a wide network of resources and partners who can help transform their university.


As key leaders are identified on campus, we target specific schools to become a SULLIVAN CAMPUS, where we provide tailored support, including:

  • Helping host a retreat on the participating campuses to increase student and faculty engagement in social entrepreneurship, to brainstorm ideas for how to sustain energy on campus, and to build excitement about participating in the Sullivan initiative;
  • Providing support to map out current social entrepreneurship activities happening on campus – and emerging opportunities/needs for student/faculty engagement;
  • Identifying actionable opportunities to accelerate social entrepreneurship on campus both short-term and longer-term; and
  • Helping to structure and ultimately help match funds a plan to put these ideas into action.

This will also include helping each campus get deeply engaged in Sullivan supported activities such as fall and spring student and faculty retreats, a winter start-up boot-camp, a social innovation business plan competition, a faculty social entrepreneurship fellowship, and intensive global summer learning experiences.