In a world that often seems divided by differences, there are those who work diligently to shine a light on paths to unity, compassion, and positive changemaking. One person focused on making change is Devine Carama, who is leveraging art, activism, and community service to make a difference. As the keynote speaker for the upcoming Sullivan Foundation Ignite Retreat, Carama is set to inspire a new generation of changemakers, proving that the fusion of art and activism can transform lives as well as communities.

Carama, a hip-hop artist of national renown and 2022 Emmy Award winner, embodies the spirit of a modern-day renaissance man. Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Carama’s work extends beyond music, reaching into the areas of education, community activism, and youth motivation. His role as the director of the Mayor of Lexington’s youth gun violence reduction initiative, ONE Lexington, highlights his commitment to creating safer, more vibrant communities. Under his leadership, ONE Lexington has launched numerous initiatives focused on reducing youth violence and providing constructive, community-based solutions.

ONE Lexington and Believing in Forever

Carama’s commitment to his community is evident in his work with his nonprofit organization, Believing in Forever Inc., which focuses on empowering the youth of Central and Eastern Kentucky. Notably, his annual coat drive, “A Coat to Keep The Cold Away,” has delivered warmth as well as hope to over 15,000 children, demonstrating the very tangible impact of compassion when coupled with community mobilization.

ONE Lexington serves as a testament to Lexington’s proactive approach to reducing gun violence among its youth and young adults. By leveraging the collective strength of government, non-profit sectors, and community leaders, ONE Lexington adopts a comprehensive approach to create safer and more welcoming communities.

The Ignite Retreat: Unveiling Potential and Inspiring Action

The Sullivan Foundation’s Ignite Retreat, slated for March 22-24, 2024, in Black Mountain, North Carolina, promises to be a transformative event for aspiring changemakers. Offering a blend of personal growth, community building, and actionable insights, the retreat is designed to empower participants to embark on their own journeys of social impact.

Josh Nadzam, the Foundation’s Student Engagement Director, praises Carama’s involvement, explaining, “Devine Carama’s presence as our keynote speaker is a profound testament to the power of integrating the arts with activism. His unique voice and experiences should inspire the students attending to explore and pursue their own paths of social impact.”

The Ignite Retreat is more than just an event; it’s a launching pad for those determined to make a difference. With tracks tailored to personal discovery, problem-solving, and project development, participants will find the tools, mentorship, and community support needed to turn their visions into reality.

Carama’s journey from hip-hop artist to community activist and youth mentor to some extent exemplifies the retreat’s principles of transformative change. As these students converge in North Carolina, they’ll find in Carama not just a speaker, but an actual example of the retreat’s main goal: to inspire passion, purpose, and potential for a better world.

Join Devine Carama and the Sullivan Foundation and be part of the Ignite Retreat’s transformative journey, where every voice matters, and every action counts. Ignite the change you wish to see!

The 100 Year Anniversary of The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation commemorates 100 years of the Sullivan Award, an honor that stands unparalleled as the only service-focused accolade presented in American higher education. Historic institutions have been presenting the Sullivan Award for generations, often as the school’s highest and most esteemed designation. The Sullivan Award is not merely a recognition of academic excellence or proven leadership; it’s a symbol of the recipient’s deep commitment to community, integrity, and service to others.

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