Letter from the president

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new issue of Engage. With this publication, we mark four years of reaching out to the Sullivan Foundation community to share stories of our schools, our students, our alumni, and our friends.

As I look through the stories we’re presenting in this issue, I’m struck by how they reflect the ways our people contribute to the world at every stage of life. We have a story of students engaging in social entrepreneurship even while still finishing their degrees. We have stories of very recent graduates already making waves in the service world and giving back to their schools. We have the story of a professor who has made service central to his teaching for more than 40 years.

We even have a brief story on Eugene Watson, a Foundation Trustee who served in the 40s and 50s. Watson died more than half a century ago, leaving a bequest to the Foundation that is only just now beginning to pay dividends that will allow us to do the work we do in even more effective ways—our awards, our retreats, and our campus initiatives, just to name a few.

We also look back, in our ‘Did You Know’ column, at how the sheer generosity of Algernon Sydney and Mary Mildred Sullivan inspired friends and acquaintances to preserve their memory by passing on that generous spirit to future generations. I know how much the Sullivan family gives back to the world, and I thank you for that, while encouraging you to keep living into that spirit by giving back wherever you can—to your schools, your communities, even to the Foundation itself.

Thanks, as always, for everything you do. Please enjoy the new issue.

Steve McDavid


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