Environment and Climate

The Sullivan Foundation is committed to promoting the efforts of our partner schools and the social enterprise sector to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Here we provide news coverage related to Goal No. 7: Affordable and Clean Energy; Goal No. 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal No. 13: Climate Action; Goal No. 14: Life Below Water; and Goal No. 15: Life on Land.

this photo shows a colorful Tempeh Buddha Bowl from a recipe offered by Better Nature

UK's Better Nature Becomes World's First Plastic-Neutral Meat-Alternative Company

Until the company can reduce its own plastic usage, it’s working with rePurpose Global to contribute to the removal of the same amount of plastic from the environment that it uses.
this photo shows marine biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle during a dive in the ocean

"We're All Sea Creatures": Dr. Sylvia Earle Explains Why the Oceans Are Crucial to Economic Prosperity

The prominent marine biologist believes businesses can play an important role in defending the oceans while creating jobs and promoting economic development.

Video: Solving the Single-Use Plastic Problem With Emma Rose of FinalStraw

Social entrepreneur Emma Rose talks with Kevin Edwards of Real Leaders Magazine about "Foreverables," fun, sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, and America's recycling problem.
a photo of the Gap Teen line of sustainable fashion items

The Gap Unveils Teen Clothing Line Made With Sustainable Materials

Members of Generation Z say they'll pay more for "green" products, prompting The Gap to jump on board the sustainable fashion movement.
this photo shows a turtle and illustrates the article's explanation as to why turtles eat plastic in the ocean

UNC Research Explains Why Sea Turtles Eat Plastic

After floating long enough in the ocean, plastic develops a coating of algae and microorganisms that smells like food to turtles.