Study Abroad in Strasbourg, France Next Summer for Under $4,000

Any student from a Sullivan Foundation partner school can receive $2,000 in scholarships to take part in next summer’s Study Abroad France program, a one-month educational, leadership and travel adventure in beautiful and historic Strasbourg, France. Even if you don’t attend a Sullivan partner school, you can still receive a $1,000 scholarship directly from the CEPA Foundation, Sullivan’s Strasbourg-based partner in the program.

The program, titled Leading for Impact & Innovation, takes place from June 24 to July 23, 2022. Applications are due no later than March 15.

The program fee is $5,790, but all participating students will receive a $1,000 scholarship from the CEPA Foundation. Students who attend a Sullivan partner school also qualify for an additional $1,000 scholarship from the Sullivan Foundation. For students in the Sullivan Foundation network, that means the total cost for this life-changing adventure comes to just $3,790 for a full month in the heart of Europe, including side trips to Heidelberg, Germany, and other nearby cities. Students will also have their weekends free to travel and explore the cities and historic sites that make Europe such a magical destination for millions of tourists every year. After all, Paris is just a short train ride away!

Scholarship funds are limited, and funds will be exhausted quickly, so it’s important to apply right away.

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Students enjoy a little leisure time in Strasbourg, France during a study-abroad adventure.

Students enjoy a little leisure time in Strasbourg, France during a study-abroad adventure.

“This program has enhanced my understanding of my flaws, strengths and values,” said past participant Jonah Harris, a student from Georgia College and State University. “I feel more confident in my sense of self and have the tools to be an international leader.”

This engaging and interactive summer study abroad program combines classroom instruction with high-profile guest lectures, visits and excursions, plus practical training in stakeholder analysis, strategic planning, goal setting, mediation, social responsibility, intercultural negotiation, and leadership. At the end of the program, students will be better prepared for their future careers as leaders in a globalized world.

Lori Babb took part in the Sullivan Foundation’s Study Abroad Prague program in 2019.

For the entire month, students will live and work together in the European Study Center’s Château de Pourtalès, a 250-year-old castle straight out of a fairy tale. Every morning brings a free catered French breakfast to kick off an exciting day of classroom learning, lectures and meetings with successful social entrepreneurs, and visits to European Union institutions where many of the world’s foremost leaders come together to chart a path to a peaceful and prosperous future.

Above all, this study-abroad experience will change the way you view the world—and your important role in it, says Lori Babb, a Campbell University alumnus who took part in the Sullivan Foundation’s Study Abroad program in Prague in 2019. That adventure included presentations by active social entrepreneurs who had gone through the study-abroad program in years past. “To be able to see and meet those who experienced the same program and who took those strides to ignite change and create social enterprises was incredibly inspiring,” Babb said. “It also emphasizes how life-changing this summer abroad can be if you utilize and maximize the skills and resources the program provides.”

Study Abroad France: A Life-Changing Adventure in Strasbourg

From the stunningly beautiful Strasbourg Cathedral—once the tallest building in the world—to the waterways, weirs and locks of La Petite France and the ultra-modern headquarters of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France is an eye-popping marvel of a city nestled in the heart of the Alsace region. It’s also a thriving hub of impact entrepreneurship and the perfect site for the Sullivan Foundation’s upcoming Study Abroad France program.

Applications are now being accepted for the program, titled “Leading for Impact & Innovation,” which takes place June 24 through July 23, 2022, in Strasbourg. Applications are due by March 15, 2022.

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A partnership between the Sullivan Foundation and the Customized Educational Programs (CEPA) Foundation and the European Study Center, the one-month program offers an immersive and life-changing educational experience for college students looking to perfect their leadership skills and drive impact entrepreneurship and innovation in their communities.

Students will spend their summer learning how to broaden their ability to engage with communities and create real change. They will also receive six academic credits, which can be applied to their home university.

The program focuses on four key changemaking concepts:

  • Leadership in Practice
  • Effective Community Engagement and Assessment
  • Principles of Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Storytelling and Communicating for Change

Petite Alsace river houses in Strasbourg

During the first two weeks of the program, students can choose between two courses—Leading for Impact + Innovation or Intercultural Communication. In the second half of the program, all students will participate in the Leadership by Design course.

Leading for Impact + Innovation
This course provides an introduction to the emerging field of social entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will begin to develop their individual and collective capacities to innovate and implement impactful, sustainable and scalable methods of solving society’s problems. Each student will be responsible for developing an original blueprint for social innovation and change while working with local partners and enterprises.

Intercultural Communication
This course introduces students to key concepts and theories surrounding international and intercultural communication. In our interdependent world, intercultural communication is an asset to students of all majors as they require the knowledge, skills, insights and sensitivities to be upstanding citizens and successful leaders.

Leadership by Design
In this thought-provoking course, students will explore leadership philosophies and styles. They will learn how to effectively interact in culturally appropriate and sustainable ways. Through readings, research, dialogue, critical analysis and interactive learning, students will discover how to be global leaders in a complex world.

The program fee is $5,790. All students will receive a $1,000 scholarship from the CEPA Foundation, and any student from a Sullivan partner school is eligible for an additional $1,000 scholarship from the Sullivan Foundation. However, scholarships are limited, so it’s important to apply quickly before the funds run out.

About the CEPA Foundation
The CEPA Foundation is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to building bridges of understanding, fostering intercultural communication and education, and providing for those in the developing world. The CEPA Foundation operates the European Study Center in Strasbourg.

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