Ferrum Promise Makes Path to Graduation Easier for Community College Transfers

Sullivan Foundation partner school Ferrum College is making a bold “Ferrum Promise” to students in Virginia: Beginning in Fall 2020, students who transfer from a Virginia community college with an appropriate associate’s degree will be able to graduate from Ferrum within two years of transferring or they will receive free tuition for the remaining coursework.

“Today, nearly 40 percent of students who graduate from a Virginia community college need three or more additional years to finish a bachelor’s degree because their new college will not accept many of their credits,” said Ferrum College President David Johns. “This is not what they expected—it’s frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive.”

this photo shows a potential beneficiary of the Ferrum Promise

The Ferrum Promise makes it easier for community college students to transfer to Ferrum College and then graduate in two more years.

Ferrum College already guarantees admission from all 23 community colleges in Virginia. The Ferrum Promise is the college’s next step to becoming even more transfer-friendly. It applies to all students who are enrolled fulltime, enter with an appropriate associate’s degree from a Virginia community college, and meet certain academic requirements.

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The Ferrum Promise encompasses many majors offered by Ferrum College, including its signature programs:

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Ecotourism
  • Environmental Science
  • Recreation Leadership
  • Social Work
  • Teacher Education

“We are excited to offer transfer students a seamless transition to Ferrum College, where they will receive individualized course mapping with our faculty,” said Provost Aimé Sposato.

“Ferrum College is student-centered and future-focused, and because of this, we are making a promise to our transfer students that will dramatically impact their future,” Johns said. “We support a vision of making college affordable, accessible, and even a little more predictable, and we promise to make this a reality for students who transfer to Ferrum College.”

Visit here to learn more about the Ferrum Promise and transferring to Ferrum College.


Ferrum College Student Creates Video to Promote Positivity on Social Media

Davon “D” Robinson ’21, a rising junior at Sullivan Foundation partner school Ferrum College, is troubled by the negativity so prevalent in today’s society. So the social work major has pledged to promote positivity no matter the circumstances, and he’s using social media to spread his message.

Already known at Ferrum College for his positive Instagram workout videos, he recently took on a heftier endeavor—he spent his last day on campus prior to summer break recording members of the campus community as they shared their goals and words of positivity. Robinson recorded and edited the video in only 10 hours.

“I want to show people that no matter what they go through in life, they can make it,” Robinson said. “The purpose of the video I made is to show that we may have different goals but we all can be positive towards ourselves and each other.”

You can follow Robinson on Instagram at Watch the video below: